5 Pack of heavy duty Chicken Saddles
5 Pack of heavy duty Chicken Saddles

5 Pack of heavy duty Chicken Saddles

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This is a pack of 5 saddles. Colors are chosen from what we have on hand to get them done quickly.

Chicken saddles, also known as chicken jackets or hen saddles, are an essential chicken accessory when raising safe and happy hens. These chicken aprons allow feather growth while also protecting them from the nails and spurs of their rooster during mating season. By adopting one of our reversible chicken saddles you won’t have to trim your rooster and you can even use them during a molt in case of excessive pecking. 

The purchase of this listing is for five chicken saddles with the following specifications and options: 

Type: Reversible chicken saddle

Size: standard or bantam 

Care instructions: Automated washer and dryer safe 

Each of these chicken saddles are handmade using high quality cotton fabrics, quilted cotton materials, and quilt batting between the layers for additional padding and protection. This will keep your hens feathers safe and the hen herself warm during the cooler months.