Black Chicken Socks

$ 16.99
You know why a chicken struts like she's a diva? She struts because she has the best pair of legs around the yard! You can beat her at her own game when you put on a pair of these funky chicken socks. Expertly handmade to feature a pair of skinny little chicken legs on the front and a secret quote on the feet, these socks get right to the heart of what it means to be a chicken momma. We know you love your feathered friends and we know you love your wine (or beer, or vodka, or coffee) and we won't judge you if all you want to do is strut around, pet your chickens, and sip your beverage of choice. We might even join you! 

The purchase of this listing is for one pair of women's socks with the following specifications: 

Style: Black Chicken socks

Type: Knee high socks 

Quote: I just want to drink wine and pet my chickens

Variations: Wine, vodka, coffee, beer, tea, tequila

Size: One fits most 

Materials: 80% cotton, 2% nylon, 13% spandex, 5% elastic 

Each pair of these hilarious chicken socks are made to order which means there may be slight variations in color, texture, and placement of designs. This means your pair of socks will be as original as you are, which seems particularly fitting if you are the type to rock chicken socks like nobody's business. To wash these funny socks, just turn them inside out and wash them on the gentle cycle of your washer and then dry them on the lowest setting of your automated dryer. I recommend avoiding irons but if you need to use one, make sure to only use it on the lowest synthetic setting to prevent any damage to the design.