4oz Nesting Box Herbs

$ 12.99
The fragrant bouquet of red clover blossom, lavender, and rose petals are elevated with herbaceous hints of basil, eucalyptus, and garlic in our signature nesting herb potpourri. Inspired by Mother Nature and the desire to keep our own chickens healthy and stimulated, we’ve created a propriety blend of dried flowers and herbs that will keep your hens happy and reveling in natural aromatherapy. Nesting herbs, or nesting box herbs, are especially prized among backyard farmers because they offer both a sweet smell diffusing the other more Chicken Supplies prevalent odors associated with animals while also preventing annoyances by lice, mites, or other pests. 

The purchase of this listing is for a mixture of our dried nesting herbs containing:  

Basil, Calendula, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Garlic, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Marjoram, Oregano, Peppermint, Red Clover Blossom, Rose Petals, Rosemary, Spearmint, and Yarrow

To use, all you need to do is scatter a small amount of these fragrant herbs in your nesting boxes during regular cleanings. You only need a small amount and as your feathered ladies scratch around their newly adorned surroundings, both you and the chickens will be treated to the natural aromatherapy that is released as the oils react with the air. This blend of nesting herbs was specially formulated for its aromatic characteristics, medicinal properties, and safety for your hens.